Confidence, Clarity, Communication

Some weeks ago one of my clients asked if I could run some training on Communication and Presentation skills, to help a number of their people who had all been shortlisted for industry awards.  

Being a helpful soul, I said yes and asked for more details of the training needs.  I did some research, spoke to previous winners so that I could understand the judging process and, of course, “what good looks like” for their industry.  Everyone who had been shortlisted for the awards had achieved fantastic results, so their progress through to the finals was likely to be dictated by their ability to tell a compelling story.

I combined forces with a friend who specialises in corporate communications, and media training, as I felt that together we could give the trainees a great experience and set them up beautifully for the judging process.  

We ran two separate days training, so that we could keep to a small class size and therefore give them as much individual attention as possible.  We asked trainees to send us their draft presentations a few days prior to the training 


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